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Life Learning Society

We are committed to successfully managing a business that grows responsibly in the needs of society

and at the same time protects the environment. The company is determined to support local communities

by creating jobs for them so that they have "a better quality of life".


With Thaicom Foundation

RENDE also supports OTOP initiatives by using the scheme’s hand-made products at the resort. We sincerely hope that our success will be based on your happiness and that together we contribute to the strength of the society.


With Thaicom Foundation

Based on the belief that children well prepared with the necessary and life skills will be able to take
care of themselves and contribute more to those around them including the society, the goals are to promote life long learning and support charitable events and activities. According to the vision put forth by the Thaicom’s founder, Lt.Col. Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the Foundation tries to promote equal
opportunity in education to all children, especially the underprivileged ones. Once equipped with necessary skills and knowledge, they can help improve and develop the country.


With Thaicom Foundation

The company already practices environmental protection on a daily basis in a number of small but
signicant ways; recycling paper within the organization, encouraging the use of stairs instead of elevators, turning o unused machinery and lights, and so on. This awareness extends to the Thames Valley Khao Yai Hotel, where stas and customers are made aware of the value of natural
resources. We are also makes a point of using locally-grown ingredients in its menus and of engaging local artisans and service providers where possible.
We sincerely hope that our success will be based on your happiness and that together we contribute
to the strength of the society.

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